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Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten is committed to protecting our environment and ensuring a sustainable future for our children. 

It is important for us, as Educators, to embed in children the impact of caring for and protecting our environment. We will always support children to be environmentally responsible and show respect for our environment.  We implement sustainable practices in our Kindergarten through the use of our water tanks, compost bin, worm farm, recycling, re-using, water conservation and energy efficiency practices.

We have implemented the Small Green Steps project as a way to ensure sustainability is integrated into our program.  It allows for inspiration and empowerment for all children, educators, families and the community to initiate, improve and achieve sustainability.

Take 3 Initiative is another way we can care for our environment.  We wholeheartedly support this initiative and it is very easy for all children, families and the community to achieve.  The concept is simple – every time you go to the beach (or park, walking track, rainforest etc), collect three pieces of rubbish and put them in the bin. Such a simple task will help our environment and teach children the importance of disposing of our rubbish correctly.

“Through continuous improvement we strive to be better tomorrow than we are today.”