Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten aims to provide high-quality care for all children within a safe, nurturing and happy environment. We believe that each child is a unique creation of God and a person loved by God. We strive to encourage spiritual, physical, emotional, social and cognitive development and to build a strong foundation for successful learning.

We understand the significance of high-quality early childhood programs in relation to children’s long term success in education and citizenship, and as such we encourage:

  • active play-based learning

  • student-initiated inquiry

  • problem-solving

  • effective communication

  • creativity

  • positive social interactions

We aim to provide an open and friendly environment where all families and children feel accepted and welcomed.

We believe all families have unique and valuable insights about their children and we value your input. We will work with you to incorporate your ideas into how we deliver care. You and your family are a valuable part of our community, and we welcome the individual, cultural and spiritual qualities you bring to our Kindergarten. It is because of this that all of our goals will be developed in close conjunction with you.

Our goals include appropriate programming which is both exciting and stimulating while being challenging enough to encourage your child to become an independent learner.

At Living Faith Lutheran Kindergarten, we believe in the strength of working together as a team, with shared goals and aspirations. We believe that this provides your child with a safe and happy environment, one in which they can experience interactions characterised by warmth, affection, sensitivity and responsiveness. Our Educators recognise that your child is a unique individual who plays an important role within our community. It is our goal to provide an environment which fosters a deep sense of security, trust and acceptance; an environment which can feel like family.

Our program is based on the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines. We focus on children learning through play, curiosity, enjoyment, freedom and friendship. We believe it is essential for children to have opportunities to foster the development of self-esteem, creativity and growth at their own individual pace.

Our core belief is that learning takes place in a holistic manner and when children feel in control of their lives and actions. This is developed through frequent opportunities to make real choices and decisions. Self-discipline is a natural outcome of being able to make real choices and the children are free to choose the areas of interest in which they will participate throughout the day as individuals and as part of the group.